Indochina Energy works with large and mid-sized industrial companies, financial institutions and government agencies to plan, implement and manage projects and ventures in the midstream and downstream energy sectors in Southeast Asia. Indochina Energy works discretely as an on-the-ground local strategic partner in Southeast Asia:

  • Conduct pre-feasibility studies, gather market intelligence, assess regulatory risks and analyse the techno-economic viability of projects.
  • Screen investment and acquisition targets according to agreed criteria.
  • Draft business plans for the implementation of ventures including corporate structuring, finance, human resources, target investments, financial scenario projections, technical partners and exit plans.
  • Approach the owners of target investments or acquisitions and potential strategic, commercial, technical and financial partners in Southeast Asia to initiate discussions.
  • Work with appointed legal, technical and financial advisors to conduct detailed evaluation and due diligence on target investments.
  • Manage negotiations around joint ventures and the structuring of investments.
  • Develop greenfield and brownfield projects to completion.
  • Manage the operation of developed projects and acquired assets on behalf of its partners with a focus on effective commercial management, marketing, finance, human resources and governance.
  • Assist in planning and executing initial public offerings and strategic exit transactions.
  • Manage investor relations and corporate communications.